Over and above our rental income and the funding from the CRD, we continue to fund raise to maintain the hall building and grounds.

Funding will be needed to add an extention to the Upper Hall in order to have a permanent stage space and landscaping to beautify the parking area and grounds.

2019 Donors
P.I.C.S.S. –Overhead projector $2600
The many musicians of Pender – Sound baffle project $400

2015 Donors
P.I.C.S.S. – Fire Door Hardware $5326
P.I.C.S.S. – Picnic Tables $3000

2013 Donors
P.I.C.S.S. – Dishwasher for the Lounge

2009 Donors
CRD – New Oak flooring
P.I.C.S.S. – Baby change station, Bunn coffee maker and new Speakers $3000

2008 Donors
Solstice Theatre – Pender Choir, P.I.R.A.H.A. & P.I.C.S.S. – Portable Risers $11,000

2007 Donors
B.C. Gaming – Children’s Playground $10,000
P.I.C.S.S. – Children’s Playground for Hall Grounds $4000

2006 Donors
Victoria Foundation – Outdoor Deck Roofing and Repair $5000

Many thanks to all the donations received in the last year to our “Yearly 10+” Campaign.

If you are interested in donating, please send your donation to:

Pender Islands Recreation and Agricultural Hall Association
4418 Bedwell Harbour Rd,
Pender Island, BC VON 2M0

Income Tax Receipts can be issued for donations of $25 or more.