Volunteers are the heart and soul  of the Pender Community Hall

Did you know that the Pender Community Hall was created by volunteers? A volunteer donated the land upon which we stand, volunteers fundraised to purchase materials to build it, volunteers donated the beautiful posts and beams which hold up the roof, volunteer built built the building from the foundation to the newly installed solar panels on the roof, and volunteers carved the welcome poles that adorn the entrance of the Hall. Each year countless people volunteer to organize and run programs at the hall and their dedication enriches all members of the community and our guests.

The Community Hall has been a labour of love and dedication to our community and to one another. We welcome anyone who would like to continue in this tradition of community building!

Adult Opportunities
Film Projectionist Film Helper (door, concession)
Youth Intern Mentor Youth Volunteer Mentor
Maintenance Cleaning
Gardening Landscaping
Event Assistant Event Organizer
Activity Leader Activity Host
Food Programs Helper Comfort Centre Helper
Board Member Administration

Youth Opportunities (11 – 18, some activities age dependent)
Cafe Host Animal Education Host
Help with special events Assist with Maintenence
Assist with landscaping Film helper (concession, projecitionist, door)
Mentor a younger volunteer Computer Helper
Camp assistant Organize or lead an activity
Photographer Book Club Leader

Childrens Opportunities (7 – 10, work with a mentor)
Cafe Helper Cleaning Helper Activity Helper

If you are interested in learning more, please click on the Sign-up as a Volunteer button above, or call the Hall at (250) 629-3669 or email bookings@penderislands.org